Selling preserves & pickles

Asked May 6, 2014, 9:42 AM EDT

FOOD FOR PROFIT near me just cancelled! Trying to find clarification of rules for selling food products made in my separate kitchen to be sold at local farm market. A lot of confusing info online. Know it varies from County and Townships, in addition to State laws/ rules

Delaware County Pennsylvania

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The best place to begin is with the state regulators. Describe your concepts and they can tell you of any County or Municipal guidelines you must also follow. They have a good handle on the entire state.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA)
Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services
Contact: Sheri Morris Program Manager (717) 787-5289

If you want to do an online search;
go the PDA home page
go to "Bureaus"
click on "Food safety and laboratory services"
fairly good description there and lots of official resources to access

A specific web site at PDA for "home food processing" is: