I have recently inherited a pressure cooker purchased in 1952 by my...

Asked May 5, 2014, 9:37 AM EDT

I have recently inherited a pressure cooker purchased in 1952 by my Grandmother. It is a Karen Dial-O-Matic Kooker (images are attached). I was told that I could have the pressure cooker tested to see if everything is in working condition. Is this a service that you can provide?? My mother told me that she had her pressure cooker tested by the Franklin County Extension many years ago and suggested that I contact you to see if that service is still on-going. Please advise. Thank you kindly.

Franklin County Ohio

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It depends on the canner. This looks like one that the gauge comes off and can be tested. I would have to also see the underneath of the canner lid.

If I took a picture of the underside of the lid, could you confirm whether or not it could be tested?? I can even get a better picture of the gauge. Thank you.

That would help. Also, does the gauge come off the lid?

The gauge does not look like it comes off the lid. I have included several close up pictures of the gauge itself and the underside of the lid. I can provide more if necessary.

It looks like we could test it. We just need to be able to place the gauge on our testing unit.

Can I bring it in during your business hours?? Is there a cost for the testing service??

I am actually located in Medina. I am trying to find out if the Extension office in Franklin County can test it for you. If not, would you be able to take it to a nearby county?

If Franklin County cannot test it, could Pickaway or Ross do it?? If Franklin can, could you please provide the contact information?? There is a lot of information on this website to delve through. Thank you.

Yes, I will find out who can test it for you and send you the contact information. Thanks for your patience.

You have been a tremendous help. Thank you once again.

Have you been able to find someone who can test the pressure cooker?? Please advise. Thank you.

Could you send me your direct email to Goard.1@osu.edu? Thanks.