Carpenter Bee Control

Asked May 4, 2014, 1:56 PM EDT

What insecticide dust is legal and effective in controlling Carpenter bees?

Sussex County Delaware

3 Responses

Carpenter bees rarely sting; however they will damage older wood structures (sometimes newer wood). Usually the dust used is either Sevin Dust or one of the pyrethroid (active ingredients end in -thrin) dusts available at many of the box stores or garden centers throughout the area. Painting wood surfaces is a control option, although many do not like to paint wood (understandable). The bees do not like to chew through the paint. Staining does not provide any control. Read the label that comes with whichever insecticidal dust you purchase to make sure carpenter bees are listed (you can look on the label in the store). A duster should be used to 'puff' a dose of the product into the gallery which will coat the sides of the tunnel. Treatments are better applied at night/evening while wearing goggles, respirator (or dust mask), long sleeved shirt and gloves (as a minimum).

Many thanks for your help.