growning hops

Asked May 4, 2014, 10:28 AM EDT

I was recently sent 2 Brewer's Gold hops rhizomes from a friend. They are sprouting now and I want to make sure they will grow in Temple before I contruct a 14 pole in my yard for them to grow on. I know they need sandy loam hills similar to my lavender plantings. Anything else besides cutting back the bines to just 2 per string?? I read a post from someone in Austin who tried growing them in large pots whereupon they died in the August heat. :(

Bell County Texas

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Im not sure the heat should be an issue if they are properly watered. They need a lot of water during the growing season-up to 8 gallons per plant per day.

You are on the very southern edge of where they grow-so you may not get cones, but then again you may depending upon the season.

Yep, just cut them back to 2-3 bines per string and make sure to train them in a clockwise direction. Lots of N and water from now through end of June typically.