Minumum distance from apple tree to house

Asked May 3, 2014, 2:00 PM EDT

I have an apple tree that germinated 3.5 feet from my house. The house has a basement. I am not sure of the variety of apple tree, but it is presently about 15 feet tall. It's parent tree is mature and is about 25 feet tall, so I will guess that is the maximum height for this tree. I like the tree, but I am worried about damage to the foundation. How close can an apple tree safely be allowed to grow without creating foundation damage? The parent tree and three other apple trees on my property are growing well.

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The damage to the foundation of the home is likely minimal. Apple trees do not have roots that tend to cause structural damage. Other trees, like cottonwoods or those with aggressive root systems can be a concern.

Instead, the bigger concern is the damage the branches can do to your home. The tree should have removed or moved many years ago. No tree should be located that close to the home.

I suspect the width of your mature apple tree is 15-20'? You can expect this tree to be approximately the same width. All trees should be planted to allow for maximum width and height. If the tree is pruned on the side near the home, it will always appear misshapen. It could lead to becoming structurally unsound.