State Correctional Instituion Greene Career -Reentry Fair

Asked May 2, 2014, 11:51 AM EDT

I am the school principal at State Correctional Institution Greene in Waynesburg PA. We are arranging a “Career/Reentry Fair” for our general population inmates to be held on Monday, June 30, 2014. We are contacting community agencies, employment, and education vendors who might be interested in spending a “morning in prison” and meet with inmates scheduled to be released within the next two years. The goal is to invite representative from agencies to meet with the inmates and describe community resources that are available to inmates, provide brochures, and possible community contacts as they transition back into communities across Pennsylvania. As you may know issues such as medical/ mental health concerns, substance abuse, housing, education and training, and employment opportunities are topics of concern for the inmate population at SCI Greene as they reenter their communities. We want to start these men in the right direction by providing contacts for support in the community and decrease the rate of recidivism. We are inviting employers and agencies who can assist with transition. Would you or a representative be interested in attending our fair to discuss your services with the inmates? I know the difficulty of arranging to leave the office, but if you have someone designated to travel and distribute information they would be most welcome to attend. I have attached a copy of our agenda for the day for your consideration. Please know that this public service would be greatly appreciated by the participating offenders and staff at SCI Greene. If you have any questions or need for further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me at 724-852-2902 extension 1625. Thank you for your time and consideration, Greg There is a brief Security clearance form ( routine for all visitors to enter SCI Greene) that I will mail to you if you are able to attend.

Greene County Pennsylvania

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I will be unable to participate. Please find a response emailed to your work email address.