Blu Fescue Ornamental Grass care

Asked May 2, 2014, 8:53 AM EDT

Do I trim Blue Fescue Grass in the Spring or leave the dead sprigs to be absorbed by the plant and if trimmed, how far down?

Oakland County Michigan

1 Response

Take a pair of scissors and trim blue fescue relatively close to the ground (about 1/2 an inch high) in the spring before any new growth is showing... that's new green blades. Don't trim the grass in the fall because the blades help to keep the snow on and around the plant for winter protection. If there are green blades when you want to trim, trim just above the green so the new stuff keeps its shape.

Scissors are great for small, delicate grasses. Use pruners, lopping shears or motorized hedge trimmers for the big, heavy grasses.