Raspberry cane pruning

Asked May 2, 2014, 8:24 AM EDT


I know the drill for normal pruning. I have a Summer bearing type that is super aggressive. Cascade Gold. It has put out about 30 primocanes. I know usually in the fall one thins to about 6 inches apart. But this large number of canes is going to be so competitive, many of the primocanes are going to be thin and weak. Can I remove young canes now or in the near future? My one concern is that the plant will just produce more. I want to give canes I wish to keep some room, which would give them more light, reduce disease chance by keeping good air circulation. Any opinions on approach to manage this aggressive plant welcomed!


Macomb County Michigan

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I would not thin them right now. I think the plant would just put out more. Wait a while and when the primocanes are 8 to 12 inches tall pull them out. I would probably take half. Then the plant will probably focus it energy on the remaining primocanes and not try to send up more.How well do you think the canes overwintered? All that growth from the bottom may mean the canes were damaged.

Thanks for the replay. I have over 15 cultivars here. All did well in the winter. I noticed it's the summer bearing types that are producing lot's of runners /suckers. I did have damage on my blackberries, and peach tree fruit buds, but all raspberries are fine.. Here is a photo of Cascade Gold, notice the new primocanes, but also new grow to the tips on the floricanes (no damage).

We are seeing a lot of damage due to the winter. I posted some comments last week on the MSU Extension fruit site.http://msue.anr.msu.edu/topic/info/fruit