Container Fruit Trees in Houston

Asked May 1, 2014, 11:11 PM EDT

I have a little experience in Ag. Graduated with an Ag/Biology major and minored in Agronomy and Soil science, and even interned in a plant breeding dept, but do not know much about actual taxonomy, or what works here. I have a ton of concrete in my suburban yard and wanted to do a container orchard in the area. I am looking for the best varieties for containers that are easy to grow and just plain taste good. So far from the little bit of research I have done, I have gotten a improved meyer lemon, mexican thornless lime, cavendish banana, Texas Prince Peach, and Miho Satsuma. Just mainly things I saw at the local nursery. What other varieties and trees would be good for this environment? I can control the sun in the area if I need to by moving them around. I like just about everything, but melons. Also what size containers are required. What frequency and type of fertilizer is recommended? Thanks for your help.

Harris County Texas

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There is great deal of information for our area on line. Here are several links that should help you with your container garden.
This link has multiple categories. The fruit & nut link will take you to a document that lists varieties ideal for Harris County. There are also links to soils, veggies & herbs and lawn & landscape.
This is from the Master Gardener plant sales. There are lists of the fruit trees they sell at their sales.
Good information on all aspects of horticulture.

Thanks for the question.