cherry trees

Asked April 30, 2014, 5:59 PM EDT

It appears from looking at leaf images, that my cherry tree has cherry leaf spot. The leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Other than trying to get the leaves that have fallen up instead of mowing them, is there any thing that I can spray the trees or the ground that will help? Thank you!

Stokes County North Carolina

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Cherry Leaf Spot is the most important fungal disease of cherry in much of Eastern North America. The fungus survives through the winter in leaves on the ground that became infected while on the tree the previous season. Good sanitation is important- remove any fallen leaves from the area around the tree(s) and dispose of them as far away from the site as possible. There is no need to treat the ground with fungicides. As far as spraying the tree(s), there are no fungicides that offer any curative properties against leaf spot. Fungicides are best used as a preventative control measure, however fungicides will prevent the problem from worsening. The most common material available for homeowner use is chlorothalonil. Applications should begin as soon as the first leaves unfold and continue at 7 – 10 days intervals (based on weather conditions) up until harvest. When using fungicides be sure to read and follow all label instructions carefully and wear the recommended personal protective gear.