2 lumpy acres of Moles/Voles Tunnels

Asked April 30, 2014, 4:50 PM EDT

Our once beautiful lawn of 2 acres is riddled with mole/vole tunnels, holes, lumps, and dead grass. These lumpy unlevel areas make it difficult to walk--or to be steady on my feet. The tunnels are often dug up during the night(probably a fox) leaving the ground lumpy & un-level. During grass cutting seasons the lawn tractor levels the tunnels, but within 1-2 days tunnels often return. Frustrating! For 4+ yrs, we have tried to reduce our mole/vole population by using traps, gum, pellets, sprays, Grubex--nothing has worked. In fact the problem grew worse when our bordering neighbors bought several dogs. These dogs remain outdoors within an invisible fences. Our mole population increased after the dogs arrived. The dogs roam their own yards forcing moles over to our property. We have an indoor dog that is always on a leash or driveway run. We have tried to reduce the moles' food source--grubs--but seems that is not working or at least not very fast. Applied grub X last Summer/Fall, and again a few days ago applied different brand of grub control over the lawn. We are hopeful that will help, but are concerned the bordering dogs will prevent the moles/voles from moving. They may continue to just dig in circles looking for food. Any suggestions?

Chester County Pennsylvania human-wildlife issues voles

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My first question is the damage caused by moles or voles or both because each create different kinds of damage and the control methods are very different.

This publication explains how to identify and control voles http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/epublic/pages/publicationD.jsp?publicationId=100

This publication explains how to identify and control moles http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/epublic/pages/publicationD.jsp?publicationId=1234

You are quite right that getting rid of grubs often fails because moles eat worms and ants more than grubs. There is a lot of mythology about mole control. The materials above will give you the facts.