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Asked April 30, 2014, 12:41 PM EDT

1. Trying to best time the application of Hort. Oil for control of Honey Locust plant bug. Under the microscope looking at a 2nd. yr. twig with buds just swelling. Removed a single bud scale and found 5-6 active bright orange mite like creatures with 8 legs and a few orange eggs. Do the nymphs of the plant bug have 8 legs or is this a different arthropod? 2. Will Hort.Oil work for the newly emerged Vibernum beetle larvae? We've used Sevin with very good results in the past but there are still plenty of bright red berries hanging on this spring and the birds are enjoying them. Thanks, Henry Street

Sullivan County Pennsylvania

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Hello Henry, and thanks for using the Ask an Expert System,

1. Honey Locust are susceptible to spider mites (these small mite-like (eight legged) creatures turn red/orange over winter.) The University of Minnesota has a very good fact sheet on these mites. I cannot get the link directly, but you can access the pdf by googling “honey locust spider mites umn.”

Penn State Extension has a good fact sheet on controlling honey locust plant bugs available at

2. Cornell offers a good fact sheet on controlling Viburnum beetles at

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Dear David O.,I just want to know if the Honey Locust plant bugs nymphs have 6 or 8 legs.These trees were infested with these bugs last spring and had no leaves until July. These are 8 trees near a lake where people sun bathe and the small green plant bugs blew from the trees onto the sun bathers. The twigs, just coming out of dormancy, are loaded with the orange eggs and these 8 legged creatures.Thanks,Henry Street

As I stated in the first reply. The orange eight legged creatures you have found are spider mites. Honey Locust Plant Bug nymphs have 6 legs just like the adults.