cucumbers already flowering

Asked April 29, 2014, 3:11 PM EDT

i started cukes in the greenhouse and they are already flowering; are in 4" pots and have about 10 big leaves on them, but I want to put them outside soon and afraid they will be DONE flowering. Should I clip off the flowers now??

Larimer County Colorado fruits and vegetables

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Because cucumbers are a warm season vegetable and do best when planted after the last average frost (mid-May...but really end of May is better), your best bet is to remove the flowers to help the plant develop additional roots and leaves while indoors. Cucumbers flower continuously and should form new flowers. Plus, when you do transplant into the ground, you'd want to remove flowers as it takes a lot of energy for the plant to produce fruit...but you want the plant to put that energy into establishment of new roots.

In the home, you likely wouldn't get fruit, since pollination is minimal.