Can I trim my Wegelia bush/shrub now?

Asked April 26, 2014, 10:45 PM EDT

Also, what about other shrubs, plants, trees that are just budding? I've heard you need to trim in Spring just before things do you know when 'just before' is anymore??
Specifically Wegelia, burning bushes, OLD rhododendrums & azaliea, holly bushes (male & female with red berries in fall) and what's left of my old euyonomous bushes that have been hacked back (main branches about 3/4" thick) by neighbor & now have some disease.

Oakland County Michigan trees and shrubs

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The timing for shrub pruning depends on the species of shrub. Some shrubs bloom on the wood that was produced in previous years, commonly called old wood. Other shrubs bloom on wood that is produced during the current year, called new wood.
If a shrub blooms on old wood it is best to prune right after the shrub has finished blooming. If pruned before bloom, these shrubs will not bloom during the current year.
If a shrub blooms on new wood it is best to prune in late winter. The shrub will then put on its new wood and bloom on that wood.
Your weigela blooms mostly on old wood. It will get a few flowers on the new wood. So if you want a lot of flowers it is best to prune after the bloom. Often weigela will have some broken or dead branches after the winter. Those branches can be pruned now.
Rhododendrons and azaleas bloom on old wood. If you prune now you will be taking off the flower buds, so it is best to wait until right after the bloom. Again if you have dead or broken branches they can be pruned now.
Holly also blooms on old wood. With holly you need the blooms in order to get the red berries. If you do extensive pruning after the bloom you will not have many berries. If you want berries this year, your pruning will have to be very limited and right after the bloom.
Burning Bush blooms on old wood, but most people don’t grow it for the flowers. You can prune it now.
I don’t know which type of euonymus you are growing, but if you are growing it for the flowers, prune it after the bloom. This shrub also blooms on old wood. If you don’t care about the flowers, you can prune it now.
The following website has more detailed information about pruning.
I hope this information is helpful. If you have additional questions, please reply back. Thank you for using our system.

Thanks, Barb N. who responded to my several ?'s about trimming/pruning shrubs now.