Heifer with bloody mucus coming from eye

Asked April 25, 2014, 5:25 PM EDT

Is this serious to warrant a vet call or should we watch it a day or so? I've looked through my cattle health books but don't see a mention of red mucus or bloody mucus coming from the eye. She doesn't have pinkeye and we don't know if she got injured from a branch or other item.

Do you have recommendations?

Montague County Texas

3 Responses

Since the nictitating membrane or third eyelid in corner of eye is visible and prolapsed, it is irritated and swollen and has bleeding or hemorrhage. The irritated, bleeding area can be on outside surface or inside surface of the third eyelid. Close observation with a flashlight can reveal the irritated area.

A foreign body can be cause, which can be present underneath the third eye lid. Irrigating with saline solution underneath the third eyelid and on outside surface can remove the foreign body.

A cancer growth can be the cause, which can be fleshy growth on the surface or edge of the third eyelid. Treatment includes surgical removal and freeze therapy by a veterinarian.

Trauma from outside force can be the cause, Healing of the scratch or cut on the surface of the third eyelid will take several days to heal.

If the condition persist for several days after repeated saline flushing, the eye needs to be examined by a veterinarian.

Thank you for your help. Your recommendation to wait and watch worked. She was fine by Saturday afternoon.

So pleased the eye cleared.