I want to prune my shrub roses and hydrangea so they do not outgrow their...

Asked April 25, 2014, 4:47 PM EDT

I want to prune my shrub roses and hydrangea so they do not outgrow their space. I have been told I can cut them down by 1/3 but can I also thin out the number of shoots ?

Trempealeau County Wisconsin

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Pruning Tips for Hydrangeas: 1.) Blooms on Old Wood: - Old Wood consists of stems that have been on the plant since the summer before the current season. - These Hydranges set their flower buds for the next year in August, September or October. Pruning basics: 1.) All dead wood should be removed every year. This can be done at anytime of the year. 2.) After the plant is 5 or more years old, remove 1/3 of the oldest canes, by cutting them down to the ground, to rejuvenate the plant. This can be done in early spring or at the end of the summer. 3.) Pruning plants to control size should be done in June or July before the plant starts to set flowering buds for the following summer. 4.) Deadheading = removal of old flower heads. Deadheading can be preformed anytime of the year.

  • In June or July, deadheading can be preformed with long or short stems with out worrying about removing next years flower buds.
  • After August, deadheading should be preformed with short stems to preserve next years flower buds.
2.) Blooms on New Wood: - New Wood consists of stems that have developed on the plant during the current season - These Hydrangeas set their flower buds during the spring and summer of the current season. These flower buds open the same season that they are produced.Pruning Basics: Annabelle Hydrangeas- bloom in the spring and early summer
  • Prune in the fall or early winter to control size. This can be done in two ways:
- 1. cut entire shrub back to a few inches above the ground. Beware, that this method will cause the new stems to be thin, which may lead to flopping under the weight of the large flower heads. - 2. cut shrub back by 1/2 and remove 1/3 of the oldest canes each year. This will allow the remaining branches to thicken up and reduce the need for staking once the shrub is in full flower. Hydrangea Paniculatas - bloom in summer and fall
  • The only type of Hydrangea that can be pruned into a tree form
  • Can be pruned in fall, winter or spring
  • Does not need to be pruned every year except to control size
  • Crossing branches should be removed each year
  • Cut other branches to train shrub into a pleasing shape
Endless Summer Hydrangea - bloom late spring, summer and fall
  • Remove all dead wood. This can be done anytime of the year.
  • Once the plant is 5 years or older, remove 1/3 of the oldest canes by cutting them done to ground level to rejuvenate the plant.
  • Prune to control size in early spring or late fall.
Pruning Shrub Roses:1) Inspect your rose plant. First, identify all dead and damaged canes. Next, locate long thin canes and canes that grow from below the graft union, if the plant is grafted. Lastly, look for canes that rub against or crowd each other, especially if they're growing through the center of the bush. 2) Determine where to cut. Prune canes back to fat, pink buds that face the outside of the shrub. Cut the spindly canes back by half their length or to 2 to 3 feet long. Cut or break off canes completely that grow from below the graft union. Remove diseased canes, and those that rub or crowd, back to healthy, outward-facing buds. If you see brown tissue in the center of a cane when you cut it, prune a little farther back until the tissue is clear and healthy. 3) Make the right pruning cut. Make your cut about 1/4 inch above a healthy bud and at a 45-degree angle. The bud and the high point of the cut should be on the same side of the cane so that water will drain away from the bud.