Leaves of young Red Oak tree leaves being eaten

Asked April 25, 2014, 12:19 PM EDT

Help, I planted 12 Red Oak trees last fall. I need to know what I should do to prevent this. I know it must be sprayed, but what do I use? I can't find any worms of bugs on the trees. These are young trees, only about seven feet tall.

Fannin County Texas

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Have you noticed any insects around the base of the tree within the grass or mulch that might be coming out at night that could possibly be eating the leaves?

Would you mind emailing a photo to cody.maxwell@ag.tamu.edu that way I would be able to see a picture of the damage. Also if you a sample, you are welcome to bring it by our office at 2505 N. Center St in Bonham. Our office number is 903-583-7453.

If it is an insect, you will need an insecticide that is labeled for red oak trees and the insect that you would be spraying for.