Trees for hillside with poor soil

Asked April 25, 2014, 7:23 AM EDT

Our townhome complex backs on the Mariemont landslide site. The contractor in shoring up the hill had removed all forestation. We are in need of trees that would provide a visual barrier to the rear of the shopping plaza, as well as making the bare hillside more attractive. The soil is poor and access to water very limited. We are seeking advice on hardy tree plantings that could survive in such conditions. What would you recommend.

Hamilton County Ohio trees and shrubs soil stabilization

1 Response

Your question is a tough one: I know of no list of trees that would satisfy all of your requirements. Also, you will need tree species that perform well in our region! With that said, I would recommend contacting locally owned landscape management/installation companies that have landscape designers on staff. Specifically, you'll need to ask about experience with landscaping challenges that are similar to your situation. By working with a local company, you will also be able to rely on their knowledge regarding the availability of certain tree species; finding trees on a list is different from finding a supplier. Again, experience is key!