grass burr or sand burr infestation

Asked April 24, 2014, 5:18 PM EDT

I have large areas of grass or sand burrs. I have acquired some Surflan pre-emergent herbicide. It says to apply before soil temps avg 70 degrees. Like anyone would know what the soil temp is. Is it already too late to use it this year? Also, I have horses that graze. How long after application would I have to wait to allow them to graze in a treated area?

Kendall County Texas

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First of all Surflan is not labeled to use in pastures and/or hay meadows. If this is an area your horses will be grazing then I would not recommend this particular product. Always read the label of a product before buying and/or using. A product that is labeled for bermudagrass pastures and hay meadows for the control of sandburs is Pastora. Pastora is a post emergent product (spray after sandbur has emerged, 1.5" tall before seed head develops). Use rate is 1-1.5 oz/acre (no more than 2.5 oz/acre sprayed in one year). There are no grazing and no haying restrictions. You do not have to have a pesticide license to purchase or use this product. Best of luck! Remember, the label is the law!