I am beggining to cultivate barley fodder for profit. I plan on initially...

Asked April 24, 2014, 12:21 PM EDT

I am beggining to cultivate barley fodder for profit. I plan on initially targeting the equine community and eventually branching to dairy and other livestock. I am curious if there are any laws regarding the sale, storage, transport, or manufacturing of animal feed that I should be aware of. Technically I will be growing the food and not actually manufacturing it, but I would like to cover my bases and not be surprised by something in the future. Thanks in advance for your help!

Medina County Ohio

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I'll need more information before I can answer your question. Are you going to plant and harvest the barley yourself? If yes, are you going to sell the barley to the general public? Will you blend the barley with other ingredients?

Phillip, Thanks for your time! I will be using a hydroponic method for growing the fodder. The seed doesnt get "planted" but rather sprouted in water. The total cycle from start to finish is 8 days. What you end up with is an inch or two of root mat and 6-10 inches of "grass" That is harvested by simply removing it as a whole from the hydroponic trays. Currently there is no plan on blending the seed with other seed types, however, if a person would like a custom blend, then seeds such as sun flower, wheat, oats, peas, or other cereal grains may be used. Other than these potential custom blends no other combinations will be used. The only products used in the production are the seed, water, and either a 3-10% bleach solution or similar peroxide solution that the seeds are soaked in to kill mold/bacteria before they are put into the hydroponic system. The sale of the product will be to farmers to use on livestock and not for human consumption. Although I have eaten the stuff myself and it is tasty, it will be for animal use only. Thanks again for your help! -Tom

I suggest that you contact the Department of Agriculture in your state for any laws regarding the sale of hydroponically grown barley for livestock use. Here is a link to a webpage with a list of State Departments of Agriculture: http://www.rma.usda.gov/other/stateag.html Please feel free to call me at my office (302) 730-4000. I would be happy to discuss barley production with you.