Bee Population Question

Asked April 24, 2014, 9:31 AM EDT

Hi there,

This is Melissa from the Shiawassee MSU Extension office. A gentleman called here a few minutes ago and wants to know if there are any state/federal/local programs that would fund the planting of a wildflower field to attract honeybees? He has some extra land and is interested in this.

He said that he had heard of it being done in other counties and wants to take part in it if we do it here in Shiawassee County. I would appreciate any information you have.

He is also interested in any other programs that would pay him to use his land.

Thanks, I look forward to your response!

Shiawassee County Michigan

2 Responses

The new- 2014 Farm Bill has provisions for special funds to support bees. However it is a grant that this person would need to apply for and the deadline for that application may have already passed. You need to have this person go directly to the local USDA Soil & Water Conservation Service to see if they are still taking applications.

Thank you so much Dennis! That was very helpful.