Yellow Wildflower

Asked April 23, 2014, 12:56 PM EDT

Hi! I've noticed beautiful yellow wildflowers growing besides area streams. They have daisy shaped flowers with 8 petals and the flowers are waxy and bright yellow with a yellow center. They are a mound-type low growing flower with broad leaves shaped almost like a violet's leaves. I couldn't find anything like them in my wildflower book nor online; however, they sort of remind me of a buttercup (but I know they're not!) or a marsh marigold (but they don't really look like them!) They are very prolific around the stream at Burle Industrial Park in Lancaster. Does anyone know the name of the wildflower that I'm mentioning? Thanks so much!

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

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They are very pretty yellow flowers, but unfortunately they are probably the invasive lesser celandine (fig buttercup). They have overtaken many streamside and woodland areas. Check this link to verify.