Dog throwing up small yellowish barley looking material

Asked April 23, 2014, 11:50 AM EDT

I have an 11 year old dog who had stopped eating, and she threw up small brown pod looking material and then yellowish liquid containing small, rice like, barley looking pieces with maybe a membrane in them. She went to the vet and he said they were not worms. He also said the brown looking pellet/material was not rabbit feces. She is not doing well. I was wondering if anyone could offer any other suggestions on what these small, yellowish barley/rice looking things are she ate. We back up to a cornfield but the yard is fenced in. I have seen rabbits, squirrels, groundhog, and a fox in my backyard. She does live with two cats and we have blocked off the litter box. However, the litter I use is pine pellets. I work at the U of De, and my coworkers suggested I call someone in Ag. Thank you.

New Castle County Delaware

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Your dog possibly has a gastroenteritis, which normally is caused by bacteria and viruses. With such condition, affected dogs have nausea and are prone to eat vegetation, like weeds and grass with seed heads to stimulate a vomit reflex. The vomitus will contain bile with the ingested, partially digested vegetation. This is what you have observed with your dog, which definitely is not vomitus with worms. If the nausea persists and the condition does not run its course, your veterinarian can diagnose the infectious cause and provide treatment for the gastroenteritis. The veterinarian's examination may diagnose another condition other than gastroenteritis that causes nausea, such as a heart, liver, or kidney problem.