Asked April 23, 2014, 1:57 AM EDT

I am consulting for 2 dairy herds namely Holsteins and Jerseys where they practice 3 X a day milking. Every now and then bulk milk test results indicate a BF Protein inversion in 1 of the five tanks where milk is stored before collection.
Both herds are fed formulations using the same raw material components.
My questions are:
1) What is/should the ratio of milk production be for each milking over a 24 hour period,
2) What changes should we expect in the milk components, mainly BF and Protein %ages for each of the bulk milk samples for each of the 3 milkings.

Many thanks

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If the milkings are exactly 8 hours apart the BF and P as well as production should be very similar. However, if the milkings are 6,10,8 hours you could possibly see a difference in the components. Protein % should stay consistent, it would be butterfat that could vary. There could also be management issues that could have an effect, such as if the cows were kept away from water for several hours before one milking but not another. I suggest looking at the consistencies in management for all 3 milkings. Another possibility could be a sampling error if this happens only occasionally? Make sure anyone who takes a sample is trained on the proper agitation times and sampling techniques. Again a sampling error would primarily affect the fat % not the P %.