Potato blight...what do I do?

Asked April 22, 2014, 5:31 PM EDT

Potatoes got blight last year. Can I replant in the same area? Should I move to a new area? How long does it stay in the soil?

Cedar County Nebraska

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There are two common bights of potatoes. Early blight and late blight. Ideally, you would positively I.D. which blight you had. For now,do not plant in the same location as last year. Ideally, potatoes should follow a 3 year rotation. Only plant in the same location once every three years. This is not always realistic in smaller gardeners, but it is the ideal. Be sure to purchase certified disease free potato "seed potatoes" for planting. If your potatoes become infected again this season, I suggest taking them to your local UNL Extension office for I.D. of which blight. In the mean time, you could do an Internet search for each of these blights. Type in the name of the blight and then + Extension so you obtain extension information. Here is a brief link from UNL Backyard Farmer with some information on late blight. https://byf.unl.edu/LateBlight and one from Crop Watch with information on early blight. http://cropwatch.unl.edu/potato/early_blight