I live in Milford, which is on the EPA Superfund Clean-up list for...

Asked April 19, 2014, 9:25 AM EDT

I live in Milford, which is on the EPA Superfund Clean-up list for perchlorethylene aka Tetrachloroethylene contamination in the ground water. I want to raise vegetables, but this stuff is evil, and I want to know if it's also in our soil. I'm having trouble finding out where to have my soil tested for this. I don't want to eat the stuff. I don't want to hear about how miniscule the levels would be in my tomatoes and cukes, etc. I just want to know where I can get my soil tested for this.

Clermont County Ohio

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I just happened to have lunch today with Chris Nietch, US EPA and John McManus, Clermont SWCD. They both read your question and stated that the root system would have to reach the water table for it to be a concern. Their other question, was the exact location of concern. Officials are still in the process of testing for this product in numerous locations. Chris suggested finding a VOC test kit, most likely ordering online. If you want to have the soil actually sampled, I can send it off to a lab, I am in process of finding out the cost. I had someone else sample this another time and it was quite expensive, but I don't know the exact cost without asking.Additional resources:http://ohiowatersheds.osu.edu/node/1590If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at my office information located below.