I read about how windbreaks around poultry farms can help lessen odors for...

Asked April 17, 2014, 12:39 PM EDT

I read about how windbreaks around poultry farms can help lessen odors for the surrounding properties. Before I plan and put in trees and shrubbery, and fork out all the money, I wonder why I should be the one doing this when it is the poultry farm next door who should. My question is, are there regulations or laws for farms to do these things, or are all the web sites on this all just to encourage farmers? Also, who or what agency would I speak with? There are all kinds of help and protection for all agriculture, but none for non agriculture property owners. Factory farms have protection when they have under 3000 chickens, and even then, with all my calls to all agencies I can think of, no one can or will offer any help for me and the other neighbors on the petition we sent to the health department, township, county, state, EPA, Water & Soil, and many more. No money for an attorney. Only thing we can do is plant trees, and put in a fence, but why must we bear even this burden, when the farm does nothing? We need one person, one phone number, one agency to just be in our corner.

Tuscarawas County Ohio

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As long as a farm is following accepted practices there is little that can be done, in terms of regulatory enforcement. Have you spoken with the neighbor who owns the property with the poultry? Is there something you can work out with them as far as tree planting goes? There is no requirement that the farm plant the trees.Please let me know if you have other questions.