MAMA is is safe for my dog?

Asked April 16, 2014, 11:50 PM EDT

I have bought a home that has a thick growth of Dallisgrass instead of a lawn. I want to get rid of it ASAP so I can have plugs of another gress such as bermuda, or St. Augustine started this spring. My question is, Is it is safe for me to have heavy applications of MSMA where my dog runs?

Grayson County Texas

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Sorry to say but MSMA cannot legally be used in Texas. You will need to spot spray the Dallisgrass with Round Up or another product containing glyphosate or dig up the clumps. I'm not aware of a good replacement for MSMA that works effectively on Dallisgrass in a lawn turf setting. The label on Round Up or the other product will tell you if there are concerns for pets.