Control of Western Cherry Fruit Fly

Asked April 16, 2014, 2:48 AM EDT

In my little home orchard I have about 8 cherry trees, sweet and Pie cherries. The last two years I have lost my entire crop in spite of spraying them with products recommended at the stores. I have very complete information from the internet, how and when to spray, etc., except what to spray with. What chemical spray? In the past I have used diazinon and malathion successfully for most fruit tree pests, but now I can't even find those. What do I use?

Jackson County Oregon

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We now have two fruit flies as problems in our cherry orchards. Until recently, only the western cherry fruit fly was a problem, but the spotted wing drosophila (fruit fly) has become a widespread problem in southern Oregon. Both can be controlled with the use of spinosad.

General cultural and control information for the spotted wing drosophila is at and specifics of spray for it are at

Control information for the western cherry fruit fly are at

For both but particularly with the spotted wing drosophila, pick your fruit as soon as possible.