Help with a dying Holly Tree

Asked April 15, 2014, 2:15 PM EDT

Hi, I have an established holly tree that is about 20 years old. The leaves have recently started turn brown and are dying. See the pictures to get a better feel. I live in Newark and any help would be appreciated. Matt

New Castle County Delaware plant disease leaf blight holly tree american holly winter injury

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Hi, Matt,

Thank you for contacting Delaware Cooperative Extension. Without seeing a sample it is difficult to tell for sure. However, the picture you attached look like winter injury. Hollies in the area have been showing these symptoms. In weather with fluctuating cold temperatures, the plant suffers from an inability to transport water to leaves, and sometimes wind can result in marginal burn such as this. I would recommend that you monitor the tree, and not implement any control measure other than reducing stress by watering during times of drought this summer. The leaves will drop, but new ones should come out and the tree should recover. If the tree continues to die back, please try to submit a sample to the UD Plant Diagnostic Clinic on the University campus.

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Thanks Nancy,

Where specifically is the UD Plant Diagnostic Clinic located on campus?



Hi, Matt,

The UD Plant Diagnostic Clinic is in 151 Townsend Hall, in the Department of Plant & Soil Sciences. Townsend Hall is a brick building at 531 S College Ave, just north of the ice arena and field house. Otherwise, your sample and most homeowner samples could be taken to your nearby county Extension office, which in New Castle County would be on Wyoming Road near the intersection with Library Ave (Route 72), in the back of the complex.