Bark peeling on injured maple tree

Asked April 14, 2014, 7:56 PM EDT

I have 2 mature (much taller than my 2 story house) maple trees in my front yard. A couple years ago in a severe windstorm one had a large branch broken off. A tree trimmer on the scene made a clean cut behind the break. Last Spring (2013) the bark started peeling near the base of the tree; i.e., large strips separated from the tree as if tulip leaves unfurling. The tree had leaves all last year & has buds now. Is the tree doomed? What could I do for it? Thank you! --Cheryl in Whitmore Lake

Washtenaw County Michigan trees and shrubs

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Doomed? No not necessarily, depending on how much bark is missing, but there is little or nothing that you can do for your tree. Best advice is to contact a Certified Arborist for an evaluation. He/she will make a determination as to the seriousness and advise as to any possible course of action, as well as investigate the reason or reasons that caused it to happen. You can find one or more Certified Arborists in your zip code at Arborist evaluations are generally not expensive but could give you some certainty going forward.

Best of luck to you and to your tree!