oak wilt

Asked April 13, 2014, 11:24 PM EDT

My location is waller cty near 6 and 1488. I have 3 live oaks that may have oak wilt. Bluebonnet Elec co op trimmed/slashed 2 of my oaks near the lines 2 months ago. The trees have moss, gray scale and few if any leaves.I thought this was a central Texas issue. A master gardener believes it may be oak wilt.

Waller County Texas

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HOWDY! I am scehduled to attend a training out of town this week (T - Thurs.) and have a comm. meeting on Friday. So I would have to wait until next week to come out to see the trees. I expect it is not Oak Wilt. We have had a number of June Bug issues lately eating lots of new leaves in the canopy (at night) - you can hear them about 10 p.m. if you go out and listen. Lets look at maybe meeting Monday or Tuesday 4.28 or 4.29. Please contact me today at the number below. Thanks. cd