Tarnish on silverware

Asked April 13, 2014, 8:57 PM EDT

I have several old pieces of silverware that have become very tarnished. Is there something that I have in my kitchen that would remove the tarnish (like salt or soda). I remember that I used something like that in a pan lined with tinfoil. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Judy

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There are 3 methods for cleaning silver:
1) Safest: hand rubbing with polish.
2) Easiest: rubbing with soft flannel cloth using commercial silver polish.
3) "Home Remedy" - Cover bottom of plastic tub with aluminum foil. Dissolve 2 tablespoons fabric softener and 2 tablespoons salt in quart of hot water. Place silver in tub. Plated silver will immediately come clean. Solid silver will take a little longer. Buff with a soft cloth. NOTE: Do not use this method on silver in which the pattern is emphasized by the black tarnish since this method removes a microscopic layer of silver.