Good afternoon, I recently started a new lawn last year and seeded with...

Asked April 12, 2014, 6:08 PM EDT

Good afternoon, I recently started a new lawn last year and seeded with SS1000 Tall Fescue Blend from: Fescue I also applied 16-4-8 in the Fall (per the soil test results). Come October-ish, the lawn looked green and healthy. We had an incredibly harsh Winter this year and while the grass is still there, its brown in spots and in others there isn't much coverage. I am planning to apply a pre-emergent herbicide without fertilizer (am I too late?) and then overseed/apply another 16-4-8 first week of May. I should also note that my soil has NEVER been soft. Add soil conditioner? I know this email was laced with questions but would my next steps be appropriate? Any suggestions, I would be MORE than grateful! I have these sections of creeping Charlie, bare spots with hard soil, and something else (attached).

Baltimore County Maryland

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It is not too late to apply a crabgrass pre-emergent, in fact, this weekend may be the optimum time to do so. It is appropriate that you not use a fertilizer combination. Overseeding now is problematic. Normally, it would take your grass seed a couple of weeks to germinate and another couple of weeks to reach mowing height, but by then we may be in a typical Maryland 'summer' and your young grass would suffer. According to the new fertilizer law, it may not be 'legal' for you to apply additional Phosphorus in May. Perhaps you could take the opportunity between now and Labor Day to amend your soil with compost.
Now is the time to attack your broadleaf weeds with a post emergent herbicide. You have a broad window of opportunity, as long as the weeds are green and actively growing. Creeping charlie is one of the most difficult to control and may require both spring and fall herbicide applications.