short, no mow grasses

Asked April 12, 2014, 3:28 PM EDT

The Mondo grass that was planted in our pool area died, and we want to replace it with something green. Liking the look of Mondo, I'm interested in grasses but a good, thick ground cover would also be acceptable around the paving stones. Any suggestions for the DFW area?

Collin County Texas

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I am not sure there is any plant that is a direct replacement for dwarf mondo grass. You may want to figure out why it died and consider replacing it. There might be some improved varieties that might do better. Check with your local nursery to see about availability.

Just thinking out side the box, if the planting site is in full sun, you might consider a hybrid bermuda grass or zoysia grass that is used on a golf course green. Not sure if that will work, but it might be worth a try. Just keep in mind this type of grass will require more water, fertilizer, and maintenance than the mondo grass. Mondo grass is generally very low maintenance.

Here is list of recommended landscape plants, including ground covers.