Are "lawn service" companies such as Tru-Green, with the...

Asked April 12, 2014, 8:26 AM EDT

Are "lawn service" companies such as Tru-Green, with the application of nitrogen plus weed-suppression chemicals to lawns, merely adding to the burden of the already polluted Chesapeake Bay, owing to the effluents deposited there? Homeowners are frequently counseled to let grass clippings on the lawn as a means of promoting healthier turf, with minimal or no weed-suppression chemical applications, yet Tru-Green and allied companies trumpet the advantages of their industrial-grade treatments. Where's a sensible middle ground in this question, and what stand does the Univ. of Maryland and the Home and Garden Information espouse in this matter? Many thanks

Montgomery County Maryland

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Please refer to the following publication:
According to the Fertilizer Use Act of 2011, you will note that lawn care companies are required to have your soil tested before applying any fertilizer. They are required to limit their fertilizer application based on that soil test, and they must follow University of Maryland Recommendations. You will also note that fertilizer manufacturers, retail establishments, lawn care companies and homeowners are all affected by that law.
You are invited to examine the following publication for our current recommendations: