These trees just started showing this damage this spring, Are they wood...

Asked April 11, 2014, 1:10 PM EDT

These trees just started showing this damage this spring, Are they wood peckers or something else.. I lookeed in the laeger holes and noticed the holes extend into a hollow in the tree.. Thank you

Lorain County Ohio trees and shrubs

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This does look like woodpecker damage. With their clinging feet and tails balancing them they can really peck away at your tree. You can try some methods to control woodpecker damage. Bird netting can be put over the tree or you can apply a sticky substance on the tree trunk which makes it harder for them to land. Also wrap the tree trunk with mesh or cloth to try to keep them away. Some folks try to frighten them away by hanging items from the tree branches. This could be mirrors, aluminum foil strips, or any reflective items to frighten them and keep them away.
Check the holes to determine the size. Holes 1 inch or smaller should have a fungicide put into the hole and then let the hole heal naturally, checking to be sure it is healing without insects attacking the area. If the hole is larger you can treat with fungicide and cover the hole with galvanized mesh attached to the tree, covering only the hole not wrapped completely around the tree. This will allow the tree to heal, be sure to check healing process from time to time. Also the mesh will keep out any animals.