bulb suggestions for Corvallis

Asked April 10, 2014, 11:06 PM EDT

I live in Colorado, but want to send some flowering bulbs (perennials, if possible) to a sick friend in Corvallis, such as tulips or daffodils or others I'm most likely not aware of. Can you make some suggestions of bulbs that would do well in Corvallis? And if you know of a place in Corvallis where I can purchase them, that would be helpful also. Thanks!

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Hello and thank you for contacting Ask an Expert. There are lots of flower bulb choices for Corvallis for you to choose from. If your friend also like birds I suggest Crocosmia specifically the variety Lucifer. This small bulb develops into a grassy looking clump about 4 feet tall and in the summer send out shoots with brilliant red flowers that are irresistible to humming birds. Another choice is Gladiolus. A popular flower around here and will also bloom in the summer. If your friend has a lot of wind this may not be a good choice as they will require stalking. Though not technically a bulb, Dahlias are also a popular late summer bloomer that can be planted now. These plants come as tubers and are also very popular in the Mid Willamette valley. Depending on your friend’s soil they may need to be lifted prior to winter coming and stored in order to come back next year. Dahlias provide a spectacular range of colors and flower type and again are a favorite in this area. Finally I would suggest any type of lily. Well drained soils are usually a must for lilies but they will provide many years of enjoyment if planted in the right place. Many lilies such are also fragrant and provide double delight for the gardening enthusiast. As for where to buy them around Corvallis just about any large nursery will have some of these for sale. Garlands Nursery, Shonnard’s Nursery, Home Grown Nursery and Schmidt’s Nursery should have an array of these flower bulbs for sale.

Hi Debbie,
I apologize for the long delay in replying to your response with a heartfelt thanks. I've been on the mend from surgery myself. I was blown away by the expansiveness of the ideas and am so appreciative. As soon as I'm feeling better, I hope to call the recommended nurseries. This is the first time I've contacted an extension for help and was thoroughly impressed by the service you provide, which I have now shared with many of my friends. Thank you so much!

Glad to help. I hope you and your friend both get well soon.