Morel Mushrooms

Asked April 10, 2014, 10:38 AM EDT

Hello I am assisting at the Dallas help desk and I was asked about Morel Mushrooms. This client would like to locate some and was wondering where should she be looking to locate them. I used the search and couldn't find any information on them. Could you please be of some assistance and let us know how and where to locate these mushrooms. When is a good season to look for them and what type of plants are tag indicators that these mushrooms are near by?ThanksMequis Narcisse

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Hello,Due to the dangers of foraging for mushrooms and mistaking the wrong mushroom for what might be an extremely deadly one; we recommend going to your favorite grocery store to purchase them. They have reliable sources. I know Central Market gets them in, but I believe they are seasonal. Morels are mostly shipped in from the Great Lakes areas in the USA around April to June to your grocer. Another reason not to forage for morels, is the risk of false morels that look similar but are species of the morel family said to contain a toxic chemical called Gyromitrin, a toxic and possible carcinogenic chemical.WARNING: PICKING WILD MUSHROOMS CAN RESULT IN DEATH.