planting cool season vegetables

Asked April 9, 2014, 10:09 AM EDT

Can I begin planting peas & onions in Wayne County?

Wayne County Michigan vegetables cool season vegetables

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Cool season crops like peas, cabbage, lettuce and onions can be planted and will establish when soil temperatures are still quite cool (45 degrees Fahrenheit). The 'days to maturity' listed on the seed packets are calculated from the date of direct seeding, but soil temperature determines how long it takes for pea seeds to germinate.
For example, if the soil is 40 degrees F., pea seeds may take more than a month to sprout, while at 60 degrees F. or above, they take about a week. So, the days to maturity can be misleading. Use the information only as a guide for determining early, mid-season, and late varieties.
I just checked the ground temperature here in Genesee County (near the foundation ot the house) and it was 40 degrees F. So it is a bit early here. You, being in Wayne County, could possibly be a bit warmer. I would suggest waiting at least a couple of weeks. Hope this was helpful. Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.