What Should be Added to Help Raise Fertilization Levels of a Horse Pasture?

Asked April 8, 2014, 3:20 PM EDT

We have a pasture with a grass/clover/mix. It's always done poorly since we bought our farm. We soil tested this fall. pH tested 6.5, phosphorus (P) 13, potassium (K) 116, and organic matter 2.5 percent. What should be added and when to help raise the levels?

McLean County Illinois

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Here is a publication that may be helpful:
Hay and Pasture.

This website provides an overview of pasture management with detailed information on how to renovate and manage your pasture. One thing to keep in mind is that if the pasture is grazed continuously then the grass and clover will be stunted and they will not grow much regardless of soil fertility. Setting up a rotational system where you allow sections of your pasture to recover and regrow will facilitate getting more productivity out of your plants.

Feel free to call the Bloomington office if you have more questions.

Bill Davison