crawl space moisture problems

Asked April 7, 2014, 6:33 PM EDT

What is the best method for eliminating standing water in the crawl space?

Anderson County Kentucky

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Standing water means that we have water getting in from somewhere! Until you find the source of the water and fix it attempts to dry it out are futile.

Look for leaking pipes. It could be water supply or sewer pipes, above the soil, in the house or buried. if you don't have a septic smell it might be a water supply pipe.

Look at the landscape around the home. Is there standing water near the home? Does the lay of the land direct rain water up against the home or direct it around the home? Does the home have roof gutters? If there are gutters, are the downspouts directed to get the water away for the home?

Until you address the the water source, all other efforts are expensive and maybe futile. A coworker put some notes together to help with the issues.

If you live on a really flat landscape, a sump pump may be required.