What pears to plant

Asked April 7, 2014, 6:31 PM EDT

I live on 60 acres south east of Parker, just north of Elizabeth at 6,300 feet. My yard and orchard is on a ridge of old soil, well drained but I have a drip system. What variety of pear should I plant? I want sweet and soft flesh pears, not the green hard and grainy/gritty pears.
What is a good source for good trees of this variety?

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Good morning!I spoke with our horticulture agent about your question. He shared recommendations for several varieties. They include:Bartlett: Well-known pear with excellent eating quality. Large, yellow, blushing fruit with delicious flavor-juicy and sweet. Needs a pollinator.Kieffer: Large, golden-yellow fruit, juicy and often blushed. Heavy bearer, ripening in Oct. to Nov. Self fertile.Luscious: High-quality dessert dessert pear. Fruit is firm, sweet, juicy, maturing late Spetember. Needs a pollinator.Seckel: Small, sweet, juicy fruit maturing in Spetember. Needs a pollinator.I am also including a link that shares additional information about pear trees. Best of luck!http://www.ext.colostate.edu/ptlk/1205.html