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Asked April 6, 2014, 6:06 PM EDT

1] Please can you help me package methane gas from grass substrate into portable Liquefied Petroleum Gas [LPG] cylinders? What materials or tools or equipment do I need.

2] What is p
ressure steel bottle? Can it be customized for use like LPG cylinders for domestic use. I need answers, please...

Outside United States

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Methane collected from digesting any type of material would need to be cleaned up before it can be directed into a pipeline or bottled. Water and sulfur scrubbers would need to be installed. I am not sure if you can put methane (natural gas) into an LPG tank. Natural gas is lower pressure than LPG. Appliances that would run off LPG may or may not run off methane. In order to bottle it, you would need to condense the gas to a liquid, then pump the liquid into a tank. I do not know the requirements to do so. There is a company in Ohio (Quasar Energy Group) that is making compressed natural gas and burning it in vehicles that have been retrofitted. You can find a bunch of information on their website: Have a great day!