yellowing and oranging Leyland Cypress Trees

Asked April 5, 2014, 10:30 AM EDT

I live in Harford county MD. We had a lot of snow that remained for too long this winter. Now Leylands are turning yellow and orange , any advice? I am hoping not to lose them all (20) .Thank You

Harford County Maryland trees and shrubs leyland cypress leyland cypress dieback

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This past winter was very hard on all evergreens. Many have winterburn which causes browning and dieback of branch tips. If your trees have some size and established root systems, they should be able to put out their usual new growth this year. In few years they will be nice and thick again.

Do not try to solve the problem by applying fertilizer. Over-fertilizing brings on its own set of problems. However, do try to prevent stress to the trees by watering if we have an extended drought this summer. Having a rain gauge (a tin can works) will help you know exactly how much rain your lot is actually receiving. If you want to feed the trees, use compost which will break down and feed your trees slowly and naturally.