Land Planarians

Asked April 5, 2014, 10:29 AM EDT

Hello, I found some land planarians in our backyard under some brick stones next to our raised garden beds. I read a post that they are not that common in Oregon and the information known about them is not extensive. I'm not sure if that information is accurate, but if you want/need some, let me know and I can put them into a small habitat for you to take if you want to observe them or I can take some pictures of them. I'm not sure if that is of interest to you, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Have a good day.

Marion County Oregon human-wildlife issues

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This would make an excellent display for the Master Gardeners in the Marion Co. Extension office. Since these flatworms prey on earthworms gardeners are sometimes concerned about them. If you are willing to contact them ( I'm sure they would be happy to have these.