pressure cooker canning

Asked April 5, 2014, 1:44 AM EDT

I have come across some electric pressure cookers that will reach 12psi and 15psi and claim they can be used safely for canning meats and vegies and will hold 3 and 4 quart jars, which is all I really need as I have a small garden. Are these cookers really safe for canning? Is using a higher pressure than necessary safe? ie: vegies like green beans at 15psi. The appliances in question will also steam, brown, and slow cook. So I am assuming there is venting.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Neither OSU Extension Service nor the USDA have tested the pressure cookers on the market that include instructions for using them as a pressure canner. We do not know if they have had a lab test their product for effective heating and heat penetration of canned products, so we are not able to make a recommendation.
I would suggest contacting the manufacturer for more information and then follow the instructions that they provide for people purchasing their product.

Regarding the differfent psi, again, the manufacturer should have conducted testing to determine the appropriate length of time at the available psi settings for full heat penetration of the contents of the jars. Processing at 15psi would not make a product unsafe, but it could result in overcooking, depending on the length of time processed.

Hopefully the manufacturer has conducted tests on jars of food, or has had an independent lab do so, rather than just suggesting consumers use standard canning instructions with their electric product.

I hope this helps-