Dormant canna lilies

Asked March 29, 2014, 11:33 PM EDT

I have a canna in container bloomed beautifully last summer when cold came brought container inside and let it go dormant. When can I start watering the plant to ready it for outside when warm is here. I live in zone 5. Thank u Bonnie O'Shea

Saratoga County New York

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Hi Bonnie,
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Cannas can be planted outside when the soil warms and after all danger of frost has past. If you plan to keep your cannas in the container you can start watering it the last week in April. You can put them outside when the temperatures warm in late May.

Before you start watering knock the soil out of the pot and examine the rhizomes. Cannas have a tendency to multiply in containers and should be divided and repotted. This could allow you to have two or more containers of cannas this summer.

Best of luck with your cannas.