Yellow Jackets

Asked March 29, 2014, 8:26 PM EDT

I read the article by Steve Jacobs and was wondering if he or anyone else knows what is going on with the yellow jackets and red lily leaf beetle larva. It appears to me that the bees are stinging the larva. I have watched this several times last summer but don't know what I a watching. Any ideas. I am hoping the yellow jackets are on my side.

Providence County Rhode Island

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The yellow jackets probably are on your side! They feed on other insects and my guess is that they are checking out this food source. I don't know if the feces that covers these larvae deters them or not but let's hope it doesn't. Either the wasp is trying to paralyze the larva to bring it back to its nest or it is looking to see if it is appetizing for immediate consumption. Did the larvae disappear or did the yellow jackets just move on?