I have about two acres, upon which my horse and two miniature cows graze. It...

Asked March 28, 2014, 8:27 PM EDT

I have about two acres, upon which my horse and two miniature cows graze. It seems that some sort of grass (looks like St. Augustine) has taken over much of the pasture, and it doesn't seem to be growing. I need to do something to make the pasture more graze-able. Do I need to plow it under and reseed it, or is there an easier, cheaper solution?

Brazoria County Texas

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It could be St. Augustine. There are several areas in Brazoria County where there were turf farms that have been converted to pasture. Unfortunately, St. Augustine is not a great pasture grass. It does not stand up to traffic well and does not produce as much biomass as other grasses that are typically used for grazing. Additionally, you are grazing too many animal units to allow for grass to maintain good growth. Typically, a normal cow needs at least 3 acres and a horse at least 5. If you are set on keeping all of the animals, you will need to supplement with a considerable amount of hay. If you are set on keeping the animals and having them graze some, you would need to rotate them from one acre to the other, and then off for a while to allow the pasture to recover. Generally, in Brazoria County, bermudagrass would be your best bet. I would probably recommend common bermudagrass. This would typically be done over a whole year, starting in late summer or early fall. If this is something you are interested, please e-mail your contact information to me at john.gordy@ag.tamu.edu so we can discuss in further detail. You may also want to check out the publication at the link below form more information on pasture establishment and management. Have a good day.